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Unit 11, Winyates Centre

Redditch. Worcs.

B98 0NR

Tel: 01527 522500

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T Childcare Staff:

Playgroup Leader

Julie Skipp

Deputy Supervisors

Gail Heaton

Anita Perry

Playgroup Assistants

Wendy McGahan

Julie Greaves

Company Details:           Winyates Playgroup Limited

Registered In England & Wales : 6309178.            Ofsted Registration : RP904267.

Preschool Learning Alliance no: 4715

Managing Director:               Julie Skipp

Company Secretary:             John Skipp



¨              Introduction

¨              Playgroup Aims

¨              Equal Opportunities Policy

¨              Special Needs Policy

¨              Child Protection Policy

¨              Head-Lice Policy

¨              Progress Monitoring

¨              Food and Drink

¨              Health and Care

¨              Clothing

¨              Holidays & Illness

¨              Emergencies




Welcome to Winyates Playgroup, -a long established playgroup serving the early years learning needs of our local children since 1976.

The Playgroup accepts young children from the age of  2+ years, through to 4+ years when they are ready to move on to full time education.


The Playgroup is open each weekday; 8:50am  to 14:50pm. 


When with us children will experience shared play, various artwork and craft, learn to recognise colours, shapes, numbers and letters. We also have equipment for sand and water play, role-play, large floor mats, etc

Our teaching practice is guided by the education curriculum set up by Worcestershire local education authority to assure you that your child will be fully prepared to move smoothly on to full time school education. To ensure this we are part of and work closely with the local first schools, the Early Years Development Group and Childrens Services.


We believe it is essential to provide a safe and caring environment for children while with us and strict practice ensures that once children are in Playgroup sessions, access to the building is restricted to staff, authorised visitors and local authority personnel only. Playgroup staff aim to give all of our children the individual attention that they need in these vital early years. To be confident that we can do this, and comply with OFSTED regulations for under-5 supervision, we always maintain a staff ratio of 1 member of staff to four children aged 2 to 3yrs and 1 member of staff to eight children aged 3 to 5 yrs.


Our children's welfare is our prime concern and we believe that Winyates Playgroup offers the best start for your child's education.


The Aims of Winyates Playgroup

Our aims are to encourage our children to understand and practice,-


Ş             Sharing and taking turns

Ş             Self discipline and good behaviour

Ş             Self respect

Ş             Respect for other children and adults

Ş             Good manners


We also aim to

Ş             Promote listening ability

Ş             Help develop communication skills

Ş             Encourage concentration and learning capability


And to provide

Ş             Friendly, safe and happy learning environment


Our playgroup is Ofsted registered and periodically inspected.  Copies of our reports are published on our web site

Ofsted lay down certain standards and objectives which must be followed by all education providers. We observe these requirements in our playgroups activities by ensuring that they are structured to include the Foundation Stage curriculum.

The Foundation Stage curriculum is organised in six areas of learning:

Ş             personal, social and emotional development;

Ş             language and literacy;

Ş             mathematical development;

Ş             knowledge and understanding of the world;

Ş             physical development;

Ş             creative development.


We have full details of what these learning areas mean and how they are intended to help your childs develpoment. If you would like to know more please ask a member of staff or visit the GOV.UK Early Years Curriculum website at:-      


Equal Opportunities Policy

Winyates Playgroup believes that no child, individual or family should be excluded from the playgroup on the grounds of age, gender, sexuality, class, family status, means, disabil­ity, colour, ethnic origin, culture, religion or belief. We aim to ensure that all who wish to work in, or volunteer to help with, our playgroup have an equal chance to do so. Admission to the playgroup is open to every family in the community.


Special Needs Policy

Winyates Playgroup has an "open-door" policy and, wherever possible and within the skills of its staff, will welcome children with special caring or learning needs. We will also seek to identify children within our group who have special requirements and assist to obtain specialist advice and help where required.


Child Protection Policy

Winyates Playgroup wants to work with children, parents and the community to ensure the safety of children and to give them the very best start in life


Head Lice Policy

Winyates Playgroup cannot accept children into sessions who show any sign of head-lice. We must make every effort to ensure the well-being of all children and staff. If a child shows any sign of head-lice they must be taken home by the parent or guardian immediately and must not return to playgroup until they have been treated.


Progress Monitoring

Part of our aim is to ensure that all children are encouraged to develop to their full potential. To help us to achieve this all of our children are carefully monitored and their educational and personal development is recorded in the individual child's record. These records will follow your child when they leave the setting and will be sent to the new provider.

To help children quickly settle into full time education, the achievement records are passed on to the school which you choose to continue your child's education.

We welcome parents comments and concerns regarding their child’s progress and records are available for parents at any reasonable time.


Food and Drink

 Food in Lunch boxes must be stored with an ice block!

Playgroup will provide milk for each child during the day. Also, during the morning we will give each child toast with low fat spread, and honey if the child chooses. We promote healthy eating and offer fresh fruit and vegetables as part of the children’s snack morning and afternoon break time; this is provided by a local farm shop.  Water is made available throughout the day.

If you do not wish your child to take these refreshments please advise a member of staff and provide a suitable alternative.

We do not let the children have sweets or chocalate bars (i.e snickers/mars or similar). However, they are allowed “snack” bars such as penguin/kitkats etc at lunch time. The children will be allowed sweets for  festival and celebrations such as birthday’s,  Dwaili etc


Health and Care

Your child's health is of prime concern to Playgroup and to ensure that we can maintain the sort  of care your child deserves many of our full time staff are first aid qualified.

We can deal with minor cuts, bumps and bruises resulting from everyday play and activities within Playgroup and inform parents after the session.

However, in the unlikely event of a more serious accident we will make all attempts to contact the parent as in "Emergencies" below, but our prime concern is to obtain professional medical help as quickly as possible.

For the protection of all children in playgroup,  any child found to be infected with head-lice must be taken home immediately and not returned to playgroup until the infection is cleared.

In hot weather please supply a hat.



Aprons are provided but children do get dirty, so please send them in appropriate clothing.   Clothing and personnal efffects should be labelled with  the childs name.



Holidays and Illness

Holidays are generally aligned the local school’s, with small occassional variations in order to maintain the crucial staffing ratio requirements for very young children.

A childs absence at other times, for holidays or illness, must be notified to the playgroup staff prior to the holiday or as soon as practically possible for illness. Any communicable ailment must be notified urgently.



Playgroup keeps an up to date record of emergency contact details for each child.

It is vital that any changes in circumstances which affect these emergency contact details are notified  to us immediately.


For full details of our policies please see the policies page or noticeboard



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